Conference Title: International Conference in Business,Technology and Innovation 2013
Conference Title: UBT Publications
Contributing Editos: Prof. Albert Qarri, Prof. Ibrahim Krasniqi, Krenare Pireva, Evelina Bazini, Nita Abrashi
Co-Organizers: Ardian Emini, Vlora Aliu, Betim Gashi, Xhemajl Mehmeti, Kushtrim Dragusha, Murat Retkoceri, Kaltrina Bunjaku, Leonita Braha
Start Date: 2013-11-01
End Date: 2013-11-02
Venue, City, Country: : Hotel Bleart , Durres , Albania

Paper Title

The impact of the public administration reform in the development of democracy


Shefqet Berisha


The reform of public administration is one of the serious challenges, especially for governments which govern states that have not yet consolidated operation of the state of law in the satisfactory level. The article is based on the hypothesis that public administration reform cannot be treated separately from the development of democracy, as is the impact of development of democracy in public administration reform is inevitable. Development trends of modern society and the states in general and public administration in particular, and the impact of integration process on the development of democracy, raise the need for a meaningful transformation of public administration, starting from the development of professional human resources towards expectations of the society, the need for fulfillment and approximation of legal infrastructure in accordance with legal requirements and European standards, increase of administrative capacities, decentralization of central government by strengthening local government in compliance with the requirements of Charter for local autonomy, and technological advancement of the administration functioning. Following the declaration of the Republic of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign country, adoption of the Constitution and the legislative infrastructure, which is in compliance with the constitution, consistently was shown the need for reform of public administration in Kosovo, with the aim of building a modern, professional and efficient administration, always with the intention to be close to the citizens and provide fast, quality and financially affordable services. Development and transformation of public administration in Kosovo is one of the key factors and most important in the process of democratic development of the country, since it presents its performance, continuity and regularity of functioning of the rule of law


public administration, reform, democracy, legislation.