Conference Title: International Conference in Business,Technology and Innovation 2013
Conference Title: UBT Publications
Contributing Editos: Prof. Albert Qarri, Prof. Ibrahim Krasniqi, Krenare Pireva, Evelina Bazini, Nita Abrashi
Co-Organizers: Ardian Emini, Vlora Aliu, Betim Gashi, Xhemajl Mehmeti, Kushtrim Dragusha, Murat Retkoceri, Kaltrina Bunjaku, Leonita Braha
Start Date: 2013-11-01
End Date: 2013-11-02
Venue, City, Country: : Hotel Bleart , Durres , Albania

Paper Title

The use of Renewable resources in Albania Economics Benefits Community System


Luçiana Toti , Alma Stana , Ajakida Eski , Luçiana Toti


Today around the world are greatly increased needs to use the renewable energies. In this paper are mentioned primary energy sources and why the renewable energy sources are needed, mainly solar energy. Solar radiation drives all natural cycles and processes, such as rain, wind, photosynthesis, ocean currents, and many others, which are important for life. Systems with the solar radiation have benefits in the environment, the economy and the policies that follow different countries in the world. They are related to energy conservation, generation of new work (production, distribution and installation of equipment) and reduction of environmental pollution (effects felt in public health, agriculture and ecosystem). So the use of solar energy brings economic and social development, reducing the impact of global warming, diversity of fuel sources and reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation. Solar energy used by nature and mankind, from increase of plants to heating and cooling of buildings, water heating, industry and services, applications in chemistry and many other applications. The problems that exist in everyday life, such as the high price of electricity, saving land resources, environment makes necessary the use of solar energy everywhere, but especially in Albania. Geographical and climate conditions in Albania are favorable for solar energy use. In our territory there is a considerable solar energy potential, especially in south west. In this paper are shown the use of solar systems to heat water in several countries and in Albania in the last decade. Will graphically show the installed surface and gain energy in the residential sector and services in the country in the period 2000-2010. Calculation of the surface, the position, the selection of the most advanced technology, acquisition, installation and maintenance of systems that use solar energy should be studied in detail, in order to obtain maximum efficiency of energy conversion and the minimum possible cost. Studies show that global radiation on a sloping surface is higher than the radiation on a horizontal surface in a certain region. In this paper is defined the average of solar radiation and annual optimal angle for the placement of solar panels in different areas of Albania. The data for different regions (according to the coordinates, the average number of hours of sunshine, solar radiation, etc.) are summarized in a database. Also in this paper is given the idea of calculating the energy obtained from the use of solar panels in a specific area versus the use of a different source of energy. The assessments have shown what the use of solar energy is a source with economic and ecological benefits for the world economy in general and in particular Albania.


Solar energy, solar radiation, solar panels, the economic benefit