Conference Title: International Conference in Business,Technology and Innovation 2013
Conference Title: UBT Publications
Contributing Editos: Prof. Albert Qarri, Prof. Ibrahim Krasniqi, Krenare Pireva, Evelina Bazini, Nita Abrashi
ISSN: 2223-8387
ISBN: 978-9951-437-23-3, 978-9951-437-24-0, 978-9951-437-25-7
Co-Organizers: Ardian Emini, Vlora Aliu, Betim Gashi, Xhemajl Mehmeti, Kushtrim Dragusha, Murat Retkoceri, Kaltrina Bunjaku, Leonita Braha
Start Date: 2013-11-01
End Date: 2013-11-02
Venue, City, Country: : Hotel Bleart , Durres , Albania
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The impact of new alternative telecommunication services on the strategy of traditional telecom providers in Kosovo

Florian Nuqi , Krenare Pireva , George Efstathiadis

2013-11-18 11:57:06

MoreSpace - a Simulation Tool for University Room Management

Nicole Nagele-Wild , Stefan Emrich , Shabnam Tauböck , Felix Breitenecker , Salah Alkilani , Niki Popper , Dietmar Wiegand

2013-11-18 11:58:13

Investment forecasting for the distribution of Internet, in the rural areas of Kosovo

Jusuf Qarkaxhija , Tamara Luarasi

2013-11-18 11:59:52

Comparative Performance Simulation of DSDV AODV and DSR MANET Protocols in NS2

Erion Çano

2013-11-18 12:00:17

Testing and Monitoring Ajax Web Application Performance

Eljona Proko

2013-11-18 12:00:43

The development of IT and Telnet and its Impact in Business Security (non Security)

Musa Tahiraj

2013-11-18 12:01:12

Comparison of emotion evaluation perception using human voice signals of robots and humans

Vesna Kirandziska, Nevena Ackovska

2013-11-18 12:01:34

Testing and Assessment in Mathematics via Web Applications

Stefanie Winkler , Andreas Körner , Carina Pöll1 , Niki Popper , Felix Breitenecker

2013-11-18 12:02:20

Benchmarks for Hybrid Modelling

Andreas Körner , Felix Breitenecker

2013-11-18 12:02:51

Economic and financial crisis in Europe

Schari Zafarpour

2013-11-18 12:04:07

An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Foreign Trade on Economic Growth: An Evidence for South East European Countries

Merale Fetahu , Luljeta Sadiku , Raman Ismaili

2013-11-18 12:04:56

Design and Management of Economic Zones for Small Countries

Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 12:06:11

The New Public Management in Transition Countries- Public Sector Decentralization and Local Governance Reform in Kosovo

Ibrahim Krasniqi

2013-11-18 12:06:41

Public Management, Public Administration, Public Policies and The Antidiscrimination Measures in Kosovo

Shkendije (Demalijaj) Ukaj

2013-11-18 12:08:31

Consequences of Corruption on Local Economic Development

Nazmie Merko-Zabzun , Nora Maliqi

2013-11-18 12:09:36

Measuring the Impact of Transport in the Developing Economies

Ylber Limani, Ermal Lubishtani

2013-11-18 13:33:59

Macedonian Agricultural Policy – Challenges and Perspectives

Biljana Ciglovska , Ramiz Merko

2013-11-18 13:34:59

The Relationship between Unemployment and Economic Growth in the Republic of Macedonia

Murat Sadiku , Luljeta Sadiku

2013-11-18 13:35:40

Merging Small Administrative Units in Albania.The Need For New Reforms in Local Governemnt

Arben Hysi

2013-11-18 13:36:22

Ethical relationship between stakeholders and stockholders and their moral rights on the corporation Differences

Besnik Skenderi, Diamanta Skenderi

2013-11-18 13:39:18

Team working and differentiation strategy – Albanian possibilities

Adriatik Kotorri, Dritan Abazi

2013-11-18 13:39:56

Family Friendly Policies in organizations and their Effects on Work-Life Balance, Work Alienation and Life Satisfaction


2013-11-18 13:40:29

Employment challenges for persons with disabilities (PWD) A case study of Macedonia

Nehat Ramadani , Violeta Madzova

2013-11-18 13:41:19

The Effects of Self-Esteem, Virtousness and Work Values on the Ethical Behaviors

Pelin Kanten , Murat Yesiltas , Selahattin Kanten

2013-11-18 13:41:54

Factors Affecting the Success of Adjacent Growth Strategies

Eda Vaso, Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 13:42:28