Conference Title: International Conference in Business,Technology and Innovation 2013
Conference Title: UBT Publications
Contributing Editos: Prof. Albert Qarri, Prof. Ibrahim Krasniqi, Krenare Pireva, Evelina Bazini, Nita Abrashi
ISSN: 2223-8387
ISBN: 978-9951-437-23-3, 978-9951-437-24-0, 978-9951-437-25-7
Co-Organizers: Ardian Emini, Vlora Aliu, Betim Gashi, Xhemajl Mehmeti, Kushtrim Dragusha, Murat Retkoceri, Kaltrina Bunjaku, Leonita Braha
Start Date: 2013-11-01
End Date: 2013-11-02
Venue, City, Country: : Hotel Bleart , Durres , Albania
Paper Title Authors Updated
Team working and differentiation strategy – Albanian possibilities

Adriatik Kotorri, Dritan Abazi

2013-11-18 13:39:56

Family Friendly Policies in organizations and their Effects on Work-Life Balance, Work Alienation and Life Satisfaction


2013-11-18 13:40:29

Employment challenges for persons with disabilities (PWD) A case study of Macedonia

Nehat Ramadani , Violeta Madzova

2013-11-18 13:41:19

The Effects of Self-Esteem, Virtousness and Work Values on the Ethical Behaviors

Pelin Kanten , Murat Yesiltas , Selahattin Kanten

2013-11-18 13:41:54

Factors Affecting the Success of Adjacent Growth Strategies

Eda Vaso, Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 13:42:28

Analyses of Efficiency and Productivity in MFIs in Post Conflict Countries, using Best Practices and Methodologies

Ismet Pireva, Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 13:42:58

Impact of Economic Zones in SME Development in Kosova

Edmond Hajrizi, Samire Pireva

2013-11-18 13:43:29

The role of Business effective communication in managerial success of Enterprises in Kosova

Ermira Shkodra, Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 13:44:04

Comparision of Project Management Methodology and Project Life Cycle Fucus in Pprojects in Kosova

Edmond Hajrizi, Luljeta Arifi

2013-11-18 13:44:36

Distribution Channels Management in Banking Sector

Merita Gjyshinca Peja, Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 13:45:08

Development of Payments Card Business in Kosovo

Albert Bicaj, Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 13:45:38

Trade Interdependency Between Kosovo and Her Selected Trading Partner Countries

Naim Preniqi, Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 13:49:53

Analysis of Trade Interdependency, Trade Dependency and Comparative Advantages of Trade between Kosovo and Balkan States

Teuta Hyseni, Edmond Hajrizi

2013-11-18 13:51:19

Inflation targeting and its effects on the inflation: Albanian case

Oltjana Zoto

2014-01-23 14:28:50

If there is a need to fix accounting and to transform companies?

Besnik Skenderi, Diamanta Skenderi

2013-11-18 13:52:50

Effective Interest Rate of Different Loans

Ramadan Limani

2013-11-18 13:53:57

Can credit scoring models prevent default payments in the banking industry in the period of financial crisis?

Violeta Mazdova, Nehat Ramadani

2013-11-18 13:54:37

The Development of the Tax System in Albania

Luciana Koprencka , Fioralba Velaj , Migena Petani

2013-11-18 13:55:51

The Importance of Audience Statistics in Pay Television Market

Aurora Binjaku , Hysen Binjaku

2013-11-18 13:58:13

The financing of businesses in Kosovo. Why interest rate is high?

Enver Bajçinca

2013-11-18 13:58:47

Albania Challenges in introducing Regulatory Impact Assessment

Mimoza Zeneli

2013-11-18 13:59:44

The use of Renewable resources in Albania Economics Benefits Community System

Luçiana Toti , Alma Stana , Ajakida Eski , Luçiana Toti

2013-11-18 14:01:17

Systemic Overview of Public Employment Service (Pes) In Kosovo

Levent Koro

2013-11-18 14:01:46

HRM and capacity development service market in tourism sector in Albania

Amalia Tola , Mirela Kastrati

2013-11-18 14:02:40

The New Design Approach on Mosque as Representative Building (Design Proposal for the Central Mosque of 1 Prishtina as Case Study)

Banush Shyqeriu, Kushtrim Hajdari

2013-11-18 22:49:34